The Players also responded well from the week's worth of elite instruction.

"It's a good camp, run really well," said Dexter MacLachlan, who plays for Sherwood Park's under-18 Tier II boys squad. "We work on everything, all the basic stuff, from passing to control to shooting. It's doing all the easy stuff well that makes you a better player. All the little things you wouldn't even think about, they've got us doing it. It makes you so much better on the field. You notice the things you work on with them even after a week."

"We learned a variety of things every single day," added Sherwood Park U-18 teammate Byron Schlegel. "It was a really great experience. They all played pro and they all tell us their different stories of goals they scored and games they played in, so that helps motivate us to do our best and hopefully get to that level some day."

Colin Fyfe Miller is a Scottish-born Canadian professional football coach who captained the Canadian national team several times while earning 61 caps in total.

I had the privilege to coach at last years Coerver CA. Soccer Camps and enjoyed it very much. I felt the coaching staff were of a very high quality and the sessions were both informative and challenging for the players. The players worked hard and improved a great deal as the camp progressed. I can strongly endorse the Coerver CA.Soccer Camps. You will not be disappointed.

Sincerely Colin Fyfe Miller.  
F C Edmonton Head Coach Canadian men's National team