Coerver Club Coaching


With the outbreak of Covid 19 Phases of Individual training will be based on 5 players per Coach.

All sessions will be strictly monitored and involve all procedures recommended by health Canada.

All sessions with arrival and departure information will be provided prior to the session.

oerver Club Coaching

This unique program brings Coerver to your House by our Licensed Coaches; these team sessions are structured to meet any level of team play, from Intermediate to Elite. Our Club coaching program can be tailored to your team's specific requirements, all teams will receive the nights Session Plan, further information will be provided to insure continued team progress.

Cost = $30 per player 2 Coaches 10 players.

Session = Hours 1

Our Club development is open to teams playing four-a-side, seven-a-side, or eleven-a-side and provides educational input for players and coaches alike. Teams participating receive the following benefits:

  • Always original game related session never before delivered.

  • A coaching session designed to assist the team and coaches with weaknesses or general development on any coaching theme

  • A session structure and objectives delivered to the players and coaches before entering the training pitch

  • High tempo drills, game related practices and conditioned games designed to improve a specific area of the team

  • Speed development exercises,

  • Information on, and delivery of a static stretching cool down designed to improve flexibility

  • Handouts on diet and nutrition for players and coaches

The Coerver Club Development Program can be brought to your door step or you can use the Coerver Venue of choice.